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7 Amazing Edgewater & Andersonville Chicago Local Shops to Support

Posted March 5, 2021

Edgewater ShoppingKnown for its epic shopping, the Edgewater neighborhood in Chicago, IL, is packed with small businesses and local shops that you can only find within a few blocks of the city. Edgewater and its neighbor Andersonville are especially known for their vintage, thrift, and second-hand stores.

Do yourself a favor and block out an entire day to walk around all the shops and see what this neighborhood has to offer. With COVID-19 affecting small businesses more than most things, take this chance to show your support to local shops by stopping in. Here’s our list of must-visit local shops in Edgewater and Andersonville.

1.   Sophie’s Closet

Refined and classic, Sophie’s closet is an upscale women’s boutique with all resale items. The shop is small but packs a punch and always delivers. Yelp reviewers heed to take your time through the store to make sure you see everything they have to offer. One reviewer even says, “Beautiful, unique and well-made designer clothing for a fraction of the price. The store also features beautiful jewelry, bags, and antique furniture. I even picked up a book on sensual massage and a perfect picnic basket. 😉 The owner, Sophie, is an amazingly kind woman with great taste. I can’t recommend this place enough.” Check out their website and where to shop here.

2.   Milk Handmade

If you’re also obsessed with ethically sourced and sustainable shopping and clothing, then Milk handmade will be your new favorite store. They specialize in independent designers that are sourced locally from around Chicago and have a handmade clothing line in the store. When you purchase from this store, you can feel good about where it came from. “Most things sold at Milk are made directly by the designer, and anyone who helped is properly paid, works in a safe environment, and cares about the quality of their work. No sweatshops here, folks — you can feel good about what you buy because our makers feel good about making it.” Check out their website here, and make sure to plan a visit!

3.   Broadway Antique Market

If you are looking to be taken back in time, you will feel right at home in the Broadway Antique Market. It’s Chicago’s biggest and oldest antique store, and it’s filled to the brim with unique antiques; this place is one of Chicago’s hidden gems. Because of the store’s nature and the quality of the vintage, this store tends to be on the pricier side, but take note. The items are with it. If you’re looking to spruce up your home with some vintage classics and transport to your decade of choice, this market has something for you. Check out the location, and store photos here.

4.   Buffalo Exchange

In only a few cities around the country, Buffalo Exchange is a favorite of people all over Chicago. They have a full range of clothing in all sizes, and their stores are always packed to the brim with stuff, meaning they would love to buy yours as well! With newly added precautions, you can make an appointment to take your donated clothing there and someday see your stuff for sale on the rack! And as an added plus, every time you skip taking a bag, they donate 5c to a charity you can choose. Always worth a visit, and I promise you will never leave without something. Visit their website here.

5.   Village Discount

On the cheaper side for thrift stores, if you are looking to shop at a place where you can get multiple things for under $10, this will be your new go-to. Absolutely packed with clothing of all sizes and types, as well as tons of accessories and homeware, you cannot skip village discounts when going thrifting. If you’re looking especially for t-shirts, sweatshirts, and other basics, you won’t regret stopping by Village Discount. See where they are located here.

6.   Green Element Resale

When heading north on Broadway, you might have seen the new painting on the side of this building, advertising for its contents, and an awesome shop called Green Element Resale that has tons of square feet to shop in. They specialize in books, furniture, and games and are the perfect place to go if you’re looking to buy a new board game for game night or spruce up an old nightstand. They also have tons of clothes, so all in all, worth a stop in as it’s an Edgewater favorite.

7.   Galleria

In a prime location on Clark street between Edgewater and Andersonville, Galleria is an icon for supporting local artists and promoting work from people all across Chicagoland and beyond. With different booths every few feet, they truly have everything from house plants, homemade artwork, baby clothes, handmade jewelry, and so much more. You will be so happy knowing your money is going to support small businesses in Chicago. See their story here.

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