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Improve Your Indoor Air Quality With Plants & Where to Buy Them in Chicago

Posted April 8, 2021

Apartment PlantsWith most of our time in 2020 spent indoors, it’s no wonder people majorly focused on updating their spaces. This may have included a sick work from home set up, or for many a growing collection of plants and succulents, all crowded in the one sunny window. 

Whether you have tons of space or a designated plant window, every apartment deserves a little outdoors inside these days.

Plants help with your surrounding environments in more ways than you might think. Not only are they excellent decorating accessories, but having plants around also boosts your mood, productivity, and creativity, just like how on a sunny day you are in your best mood. 

Plants elevate mood and also keep the air in your space free of toxins by absorbing them and increasing humidity and oxygen production. The simple truth: plants make people happy! If you’re on the hunt for the best places to shop for plants, check out our favorite lists of the top plant and gardening shops in the city. 


Located just off Clark street in the hip neighborhood of Andersonville, this small plant shop has some decently priced plants with an assortment of cool and original pots and supplies. The owner has a great rotation of plants, including massive ones that you can’t find anywhere else. 

Foyer also has a cool selection of pens, stationery, and other little gizmos and gadgets that will make this store somewhere you will find yourself coming back to again and again. Their website says their mission is to be “dedicated to bringing plants, ceramics, stationery, and other beautiful things to apartments, offices, lobbies, studios, vestibules, powder rooms, and anywhere else they might be appreciated.” 

Visit the Foyers website for address, store hours, and more. 

Plant Shop Chicago 

This iconic plant shop is the first place and Chicago native will tell you to go when looking to purchase new plants. They have an absolutely massive selection of seasonal and nonseasonal plants. They provide excellent service and will make sure you walk away with the best plant for your space. 

Their website says “they want to “encourage people to add greenery in their homes by educating their customers about which plants fit best with their lifestyle, environment, schedule, and budget.” On the journey to decorate and fill out your space with plants, visiting the Plant shop is a must. Check out their hours and address here

Botanical Cafe

A new addition to the roster for cool plant shops, Botanical cafe is a plant shop and a coffee shop in one. Taking over social media with their cool species and lattes, this shop is bursting with life and good coffee. Stop in and try and honey lavender latte and grab a plant for your kitchen windowsill. The Botanical Cafe is a can’t miss in terms of inventory and vibes. Who can resist a coffee and a new plant? Located on Lincoln ave right across from Trader Joe’s, check out their menu here.

Adams and Sons Gardens 

Another Chicago classic when it comes to plant shops, Adams and Sons is another massive plant shop that also has a ton of gardening tools, pots, soil, and anything you could need to keep your indoor garden flourishing. If you visit their website, you can find tons of advice on keeping plants in your home, care, tips and tricks, and an answer to any question you might have. 

They have been open since 1993 and are a family-owned business that thrives off their customers who return again and again. Located in the Ukrainian Village, make sure to stop by and support. 


If you are looking for variety, look no further than Gethsemane, also located in Andersonville. They pride themselves on being the perfect indoor/outdoor store with options for professional gardeners to people who kill succulents. They have annually blooming plants, houseplants, trees and shrubs, roses and flowers, floral arrangements, and so much more. 

They are a small business that also supports other small businesses, and their website says they are “Family owned and operated, our knowledgeable staff is passionate about flora and dedicated to providing you with the highest quality plant material and customer service in Chicagoland. We take the concept of buying locally to heart and are committed to supporting local, family-run farms and greenhouses, some of which grow solely for us.” Visit their detailed website here to plan your visit. 

City Escape Garden Center

Calling themselves a boutique studio that does big things, City Escape is an awesome place to stop by if you are looking to take the plants you bought to the next level. While they may not be the first place to stop by for cheap houseplants, they are the kind of place you stop by when you are looking to upgrade your plant pots or your garden’s accessories. You can see for yourself exactly why they are so popular by checking out their selection of awesome and handmade pots here

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