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7 At-Home Date Night Ideas Besides Netflix

Posted February 5, 2021

Valentines Day IdeasWith Covid-19 raging on, couples are forced to find cool new ways to appreciate each other, have fun, and spend (more) time together outside your house.

Winter is in full swing. It’s easy to decide to pop a movie on, make popcorn, chill and call it a night. But what’s easy is not always the most fun or the best for us. The urge to go out with friends, explore your surroundings, and just have adventures is on everyone’s mind. With safety at the forefront, here are some of the best, cheapest dates to replace Netflix and chilling.

1.   Paint By Numbers

Paint by numbers. I know, it sounds like it’s for children. But hear me out! Paint by numbers is one of those date night miracles that you will love once you try it. With tons of cheap options (under $20) on amazon, this relaxing activity is perfect for a chill date night. You can also opt for a more involved painting (try Etsy) or even a custom paint by numbers of a picture of the two of you. Whatever you choose, this activity is creative and artsy, but it doesn’t take skill, and anyone can do it. While you’re painting, you can chat, listen to music, and spend time being together. And we promise you’ll go to sleep happier knowing you didn’t spend the evening glued to a screen.

2.   At Home Restaurant

If you’re sick of not being able to dine out, treat your significant other to a “catered” menu made with love. Try picking something out of both of your comfort zones, either with your palate or your skill level. Trying new things together can always be fun, and making a multiple course meal can take the pressure off dinner because you two are doing it together in your kitchen. You can even get dressed up, make a fake menu, and convince your roommate to be the waiter. Good luck with that last bit.

3.   Bake Something New

Unlike cooking, trying to bake something new can be a little more challenging. With precise ingredients, making your loaf of bread isn’t as easy as you think. As we all know, bread making and sourdough starter kits were the number one hot activity of the first part of quarantine and have remained a popular, time passing activity. Now the baking doesn’t stop at bread. Try making a cake or cupcakes together, dyeing frosting, and decorating them. You’ll love the time you spent making something delicious with them, and afterward, you get to eat what you made. We call that a win-win.

4.   Board Games and Card Games

A classic option for the typical night in; don’t overlook board games and card games when planning indoor dates. Let nostalgia take over as you play games together that you loved as kids. Break out Scrabble, Yahtzee,, and Sorry. You’ll be surprised how much fun they still are as adults. Plus, now that you’re all grown up, you can turn your favorite games into drinking games. It will be a date neither of you will ever forget…. We hope.

5.   Truth or Drink, We’re Not Really Strangers and other ‘Get-To-Know-You’ Games

Possibly appearing on your timelines throughout 2020, games like Truth or Drink and We’re Not Really Strangers have gone viral for their hard-hitting, deep questions to ask your partner or friends.

The rules with Truth or Drink are simple: Answer the question or drink. The game comes with five packs of varying categories of questions to cover anything you might want to know. We’re Not Really Strangers is a similar concept with similar questions, except they have varying decks according to question depth. If you’re looking to connect with your partner while laughing and having a blast, one of these games will make your date night better than ever before.

6.   At-Home Spa Night

With the amount of time we are all spending indoors, varying your environment and taking a night to relax together will be a soothing and worthwhile experience for you both. Try an at-home spa night, top to toes. Stat with haircuts, beard trims, deep conditioning treatments, and move to take baths or showers, face masks, and massages. The definition of self-care, this experience will become a staple in your at-home date night repertoire.

7.   Have a Karaoke Night

It’s been months since anyone has been to a bar, so I know you are all aching to scream our lungs out singing Don’t Stop Believing and Come on Eileen to a crowd full of drunk strangers. Pull some lyrics up on youtube, plug in your speaker and sing to an audience of one. No matter how bad (or good) you are, your significant other is sure to always remember the date.

This is just the beginning of a long list of date nights that can keep you and your partner happy, and most importantly, having fun. Use your imagination and creativity, and you can easily book up your Friday nights for the next few months! The most important thing is that you and your partner carve out time to spend having fun together.

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