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Seven Products to Improve Your Home Work Environment

Posted December 30, 2020

7 Home Office ProductsWith the majority of households adjusting to the change to their kid’s school year and the working year, we’re spending more time at home than ever before. And more time is being spent working from home than ever before. With less than the ideal set up in most homes, it can be hard to figure out what you might need to help you maintain productivity in your home.

While some office amenities can’t be replaced, there are many upgrades you can do to ensure your home is equipped to help you be your most productive and focused, despite the kids running around or the roommates making noise.

Adjustable Standing/Sitting Desk

Are you someone that has a hard time staying stationary and sitting all day? A solution for this that many offices have adapted to and can also be used in a work from home space is having an adjustable sitting or standing desk. When you feel like sitting you can sit and when you feel like standing, you can easily pull the desk upward and work the same way as before but on your feet. These desks are surprisingly cheap and easy to come by and have become a popular solution to a widespread problem.

A Comfortable Chair

While this may seem like a no-brainer to you, many people are working with and using chairs that are hurting their backs and not offering the proper support. Support is necessary because if you aren’t protecting your back from the hours of natural slouching, you will walk away at the end of the day sore and not wanting to go back.

Finding something with lumbar support that is soft and enjoyable to use is important to keep yourself motivated and excited to work from home—at the end of the day, protecting your back from damage by spending a few extra bucks on a comfortable chair. You can also buy chair inserts for your back and chairs made if you want to sit on your knees or any other weird way! The internet is endless.

Proper Lighting and Glasses

Something you might not realizes is affecting the way you work is how well or poorly lit your space is and how much damage your eyes are taking by staring into a screen daily. Creating a different and healthy lighting situation can help you distinguish your relaxing space (possibly a bedroom or living room) from your working space. It is important to keep these spaces separate, hence all the updates to ensure you enjoy your working space just as much.

Many people who spend all day on the computer are also buying blue light glasses that can block some of the harmful rays from your computer screen. You can get these at any glasses store as well as on Amazon!

A Good Coffee Maker

If you drink coffee, you need a good coffee maker. Yes, a good one. We’re not talking about the timed coffee pot that makes your coffee automatically at 7:30 AM. We’re talking about the best coffee that you can make in under a minute: Nespresso.

You can get Nespresso machines and pods from virtually any major retail store these days, but starting your morning off right with a good cup of coffee can seriously change your day. If you want the full cafe experience, you can pick up a cheap milk frother and make lattes and americano’s easily in your kitchen. Taking up less time and amping up quality, Nespresso takes the cake on the best and quickest coffee for your work from home morning routine.

Proper Headphones

With there being so many kinds of headphones on the market, it can seem overwhelming to decide to spend $100 on a decent pair. It all comes down to what kind of features you will need while working from home —  do you need something wireless, so you can be away from the desk? Do you need something that is noise-canceling so you can drown out the background noise? Whatever kind of headphones you pick, having the right pair for you is essential to a successful work environment and will make a huge difference when adjusting to no longer working in an office.

Exercise Equipment

Getting your body out of your desk chair and moving every day is just as important in an at-home work environment as the products that help you get the job done. These products help you get your blood flowing, your mind thinking, and help you feel great so you can accomplish great work. An at-home gym favorite that not only stretches and works your muscles but relaxes you as well is yoga. Tuck your chair under your desk, and roll out your yoga mat. You can purchase one from tons of retails stores like Target and sporting goods stores easily as well as find them online. Other easy at-home workouts include lifting hand weights and stretching using tension bands. Whatever you end up doing, taking a small break from the workday to exercise your body will make the day fly by so much faster.


Believe it or not, whiteboards are good for more than just kindergarten classrooms. If you find yourself with a lot of tasks or a lot of things to remember, having a whiteboard in your office can be a huge help. Some people find it nice to start off the day with a checklist of things that need to be accomplished, and whiteboards are the perfect assistance for that. Feel like a teacher shopping at Michaels and other crafting stores to snag a chic whiteboard and markers. Think how satisfied you will feel crossing off your to-do list one by one!

Creating An Enjoyable Home Work Environment

Having an enjoyable and adequate workspace has been marked as essential for 2020, with most office jobs avoiding gathering in person and taking the entirety of companies online. If you’re like the average American who encounters difficulties working in their home environment, these are just a few guidelines on the best products to help you work from home with ease and enjoyment. With so many things harder than before, it feels good to give yourself the kind of working space you deserve.

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