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Five Best Parks to Enjoy Near Rogers Park

Posted June 23, 2022

Woman running in parkWhen visiting Chicago, Rogers Park is a hidden gem of a neighborhood on the far north side that often is left behind. The last neighborhood before you reach Evanston, Rogers Park, is known for what you might think it would be – their parks! It’s filled with incredible places to visit; whether it’s a tree-lined grass area, a park for kids to play at, or a beach. Rogers Park has something for everyone within a small radius. Located close to the water, you can find yourself getting your swim and tan every day of the summer if you want! You may not know where to start, so for those who have not explored Rogers Park as well as they’d like, here’s a list of our favorite parks to spend time. 

Loyola Park 

One of the most beloved parks in the area, Loyola Park is known for feeling like a secret garden. In a review from Yelp, one person writes – “It’s segmented off from the rest of the Chicago lakefront by Loyola University to the south, and Touhy street at the north end.  In between lies about a mile of gorgeous beach and grasslands, fields for soccer, tennis courts, a small baseball diamond […], a basketball court, a lifeguard training station, and a few different playgrounds for kids.” Check out their website; you will see the history of the park and all the amazing things it has to offer. 

Pattawattomie Park

Try saying that three times fast! This park may not be easy for kids to say, but it’ll be their favorite summer spot! Centered around a jungle gym, this is a hot spot for families during the summer when the weather is nice, and the kids are home from school.

 It’s “Located on 9.40 acres and the park is comprised of three baseball fields, a combination football-soccer field, four basketball standards, turf soccer field, two playgrounds including a spray pool, and a dog park/run. The air-conditioned fieldhouse contains a fitness center, racquetball court, gymnasium, kitchen, and four club rooms” according to the Chicago Park District. If you’re in the area, this park is a can’t miss for those summer fitness classes for cheap.

Tobey Prinz Beach Park 

If you’re looking to head somewhere smaller and more secluded but still want that beachfront and water experience, you will love Tobey Prinz park. Swimming is only allowed when a lifeguard is on duty, but this beach is worth waiting for if you want to avoid the madness of the other beaches. It’s right on the other side of the Loyola Tennis courts and is easily accessible by walking or public transit. 

Indian Boundary Park 

One of the biggest parks in the area, Indian Boundry, sits on a whopping 13 acres of land and is a hot spot for its community. “Tucked away in the West Ridge community sits a community treasure—Indian Boundary Park and Cultural Center. Beyond the quaint Tudor-style field house, visitors can discover a beautifully restored nature area and duck-filled lagoon, a children’s spray pool, and four tennis courts.” But that’s not all – Indian Boundry is especially known for its partnership with the Civic Orchestra of Chicago, where you can attend “free, family-oriented and interactive concert performances for the community throughout the year. Check out the history of the park and more info here

Warren Park

Not to be beaten in the slightest by Indian Bounry, Warren park takes the crown of the biggest park on the northside with over 80 acres of land to play on. In the winter it’s even home to the Chicago Blackhawks Ice Rink for skating. “For youth and teens, the park has baseball, basketball, and soccer programs. The Chicago Park District says there is something for everyone –  For the little ones, the park offers preschool programs and tumbling classes. Fitness enthusiasts can hop onto a paved path that winds throughout the park for walking, jogging, or biking. Golf-lovers head to the Robert A. Black nine-hole golf course and golf putting practice area located on the northeast end of the park.”

Whatever park you choose, whether it’s for a beach day, lying in the grass, or a dog park, Rogers Park has some of the best scenery and locations in the city for access to all kinds of outdoor spaces. And with the beautiful weather this summer, all the more reason to try them all! 

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