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8 Best Dog Parks and Area’s on Chicago’s North Side

Posted July 18, 2022

Chicago Northside Dog ParksWith the summer upon us, everyone is looking for the best spots to spend time outside in Chicago. And if you have a furry friend, you might be looking to burn some energy for your pup daily! The easy answer is the riverwalk, but there are so many options on places where your dog can run free in the city and makes friends with other dogs while they’re at it! If you live on the north side, we’ve got a short list of the best dog parks on Chicago’s north side

Pottawattamie Park

Nestled all the way as north as you can go in Roger’s Park, Pottawattamie Park is a favorite for people all over the city. One of the stars of the show at this park is the iconic doggy drinking fountain, as well as a designated area for smaller dogs and a lot of benches and shade for the owners to sit and enjoy as well!  

Learn more about the park here: https://www.chicagoparkdistrict.com/parks-facilities/pottawattomie-park

Norwood Park Dog-Friendly Area

While not exactly a dog park, this one is a particular favorite in the summer due to its shining feature – the cherry blossom trees. Hard to find in Chicago, your dog can run free in the .13-acre park while you sit back and enjoy the views. 

Learn more about the park here: https://www.norwoodparkdogpark.com/

River Park Dog-Friendly Area

Located in Albany Park, away from any Metras, L’s, or highways, River Park has a dog-friendly area that is usually a bit calmer and somewhere your dog can relax and do their own thing without the stress of a lot of other dogs.  Great location for anxious dogs, this place is referred to as Paws Park – it’s the best place to spend a day with your pup. 

Learn more about the park here: https://www.chicagoparkdistrict.com/parks-facilities/river-dog-friendly-area

Puptown Dog Park 

Located in Uptown and accessible from Lake Shore Driver, Puptown dog park is a very popular and fun park for your pets. If your dog is a social butterfly and enjoys making new friends on their outings, this place is for you both. It’s .38 acres of asphalt and gravel, so your dog has plenty of room to explore and be free. 

Learn more about the park here: https://www.sidewalkdog.com/business/puptown-dog-park/

Bennett Park 

If you’re looking for SPACE, Bennett Park is the place for you and your dog. This park is over 2 acres and is privately owned and open for public use. “ Designed by landscape architect Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates—the firm behind Chicago’s Maggie Daley Park and The 606 trail—Bennett Park includes two 24-hour public dog parks for large and small canines.” according to chicago.curbed.com

Learn more about the park here: https://www.onebennettpark.com/condo/bennett-park

Lakeshore East Dog Park

If your dog enjoys digging up the grass, Lakeshore East Dog Park can be the perfect hidden gem for you and your dog. And it’s near millennium park, so an adventure can be had by you and your doggie. It’s mostly “covered mostly in green turf, concrete sidewalks, and several trees that keep it nice and shaded.” 

Learn more about the park here: https://www.sidewalkdog.com/business/lake-shore-east-dog-park/

Wiggly Field

If you’re a sucker for a classic dog park with a history, you will love Wiggly Field. “Established in 1997, Wiggly Field was Chicago’s “first official dog exercise and play area.” The 0.54-acre dog park is located in Noethling Park” according to urbanmatter.com. They go on to say, “The park is entirely enclosed and has double-gated entryways for the safety of all dogs. There’s ample running space, trees for squirrel-watching, and benches to parkour off of and for the humans to sit.” This place is a can’t miss! 

Learn more about the park here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wiggly_Field

Montrose Dog Beach 

We would be remiss if we didn’t include a dog beach on this list!  Montrose Dog Beach is perhaps the most well-known dog beach on the north side and is always packed with dogs swimming in the lake. Montrose Dog Beach was the first off-leash beach in the city and remains a champion on favorite places to take your dog. 

Learn more about the park here: https://www.mondog.org/

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