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Katiana ShavonteMarketing Manager

About Me

Katiana Shavonte, Becovic’s Marketing Manager, spearheads social media strategies, coordinates events, and manages both digital and physical marketing efforts, showcasing her prowess as a Digital Content Specialist. Katiana is thrilled to contribute to Becovic’s commitment to community building, sustainability, and diversity.

Moving from Hawai’i, Katiana’s adventurous spirit extends beyond the office with a passion for horseback riding and love for extreme sports. As Miss Cook County 2024, Miss Lincoln Park USA 2023, and Miss Aloha Hawai’i 2022, you’ll find Katiana immersing herself in the natural beauty of at Lincoln Park, Lakeshore, or bouldering, always carrying the Aloha spirit with her. Her dedication and creativity make her a great addition to the Becovic team, supporting the company’s continued success in fostering vibrant and diverse communities.