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Ravenswood is known for its artists, school and breweries. Artist studios include Lillstreet Art Center, a popular choice for ceramic and sculpture artists. Breweries include Begyle Brewing, Dovetail Brewery, and Emperical Brewery. KOVAL, Chicago’s first craft distillery, is also in Ravenswood.

Ravenswood schools include public, private and parochial options. Lycée Français de Chicago is a popular school in the neighborhood.

For those looking for a culturally-rich neighborhood to call home, Ravenswood is a great choice. Explore Becovic’s Ravenswood apartments below.

Ravenswood Apartments

Our Ravenswood Communities

The Albany Park Place

4701-4707 N. Albany & 3048-3050 W. Leland, Chicago

Neighborhood: Albany Park
Apt. Sizes: 2-3
Pets: Dog & Cat

Located in Historic Albany Park, the Albany Park Place is the place to enjoy quality city living in spacious, vintage style apartment homes. Each apartment has gorgeous hardwood floors, separate dining room areas, sunrooms, and back porch/patio areas.

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