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5 Reasons You Should Move to Edgewater in Chicago

Posted April 11, 2022

View of Edgewater Chicago from LakefrontWhen considering moving to Chicago, the choice of which neighborhood to settle on is usually the hardest. With each neighborhood of Chicago having its own unique characteristics and reasons you might live there- we think the far north side is the most underrated. With vibrant restaurants and shops coming alive during the summer, now is the perfect time to pay Edgewater a visit and take our list on 5 best reasons to live in Edgewater into consideration. 

The People 

One of the most bustling neighborhoods on the north side, Edgewater is home to some of the best people in the city. You’ll find that most of the neighborhood is young people, with a few retirement communities in between. This mix makes it the best middle ground for people looking for cool activities and shops and restaurants to go to, all while also worrying about a peaceful home and street. And the people are diverse! 

Geteasymove.com says, “Regardless of your ethnic, religious or racial background, you will feel right at home after moving to Edgewater. Drawn by its family-friendly environment, a lot of people from different ethnic backgrounds have settled down in Edgewater and now call this beautiful area their home. It is for this reason that Edgewater is now home to people of all ages, incomes, cultures and walks of life.” 

Walking around in the summer, you will frequently see garage sales, people sitting and chatting on stoops, and kids on bikes. And if you are a part of the LGBTQ+ community, there are gay bars and shops that confirm that this neighborhood is one of the best. 

The Food

If you walk down Broadway, you are in for quite a treat. With it being very close neighbors with Uptown and Andersonville – Edgewater has the best of all worlds, including iconic Asia on Argyle. Featuring some of the best Asian food in the city- this location is a can’t miss no matter where you live in the city. Hop over to Sun Wah – the best Chinese in the city. Enjoy their famous duck bao, and you can bring your own wine or beer! 

Walk just a block south, and you will hit a slew of incredible Vietnamese restaurants, and every single one serves a good Bahn Mi. If you go north on Broadway, you will also hit a cool French fusion restaurant called Simply Pasteur.. This area is packed with incredible spots to satisfy any craving you might have. 

The Shops

With Spring here and summer around the corner, the time to shop is back! One of the most desirable parts for people living in the city is walking to restaurants and shops within a short period of time. Edgewater is the perfect location for this; with all its neighbors supporting the number of shops available, you have everything you might want or need within a short distance. This time of year, the plant stores, boutiques, and specialty shops come alive. A few of our Edgewater favorites are Green Element Resale, Broadway Antique Market, and the Gethsemant Garden Center. 

The Location 

One of the biggest benefits of living in Edgewater, as I’ve briefly mentioned before, is that it’s sandwiched in between some of the other best neighborhoods in the city. Not only do you get all of the hidden gems from Edgewater, but in the close distance are some amazing places in Andersonville and Uptown as well. Also, since Edgewater is located pretty far north, Lake Shore Drive is a quick shot south to downtown, making it closer to everything than it appears. It’s the ideal location for people who might need quick access to downtown without wanting to live in a sky-rise.  

The Beach

Everyone is dying to live off the beautiful Lake Michigan, and if you move to Edgewater, you can. geteasymove.com says, “One of the five Great Lakes of North America, Lake Michigan is a major tourist attraction in Chicago, and by moving to Edgewater, you get the opportunity to live close to the lake and enjoy the beauty and charm that this popular destination adds to the area.” Located right off the water, the location is amazing for people who want to get outside every day they can. Especially with Hollywood and Foster Beach within walking distance, you will feel more blessed than ever to visit some of the best beaches in the city.

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