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7 Free Online Workouts for When You’re Stuck at Home

Posted September 15, 2020

Home WorkoutDuring the COVID era of health, getting to an actual gym may seem like a nightmare. How many people will be there? Are the machines clean? Will people keep their distance? All the stress put in just to show up (not that it wasn’t hard enough before), can make you want to seriously avoid working out.

Luckily, the internet, as usual, has caught up with our needs and has been rolling out free online workouts much faster than you could even get to the gym. Here are our favorite online workout classes that are completely free and can be done from the comfort of your home!


With almost 400k followers on Instagram, Barry’s created a free, twice a day home workout on IGTV. One of the workouts focuses on weight loss/cardio type exercise and the other utilizes their band kit that comes with resistance bands (but between us you can probably buy some at Target or online that will do the job just fine).

305 Fitness

305 Fitness is ahead of the game with a twist on the home workout videos. According to their website, they are offering “free classes on our YouTube page at 12 pm ET every day. DJs make one-of-a-kind theme mixes so you’ll never do the same workout twice”. If you’re a fan of original music and a large variety of workouts that change daily, this is a great option for you! They also host “ free workshops, daily meditations, and community events to stay connected during COVID.”

CorePower Yoga

For fans of yoga, the brand CorePower is probably quite familiar. With its steady brand recognition and mutual love between its customers, it only makes sense the CorePower is offering free online yoga classes via their Youtube page. They’re showing a limited number of online classes, perfect for beginners or people just trying to keep up their healthy habits. CorePower also specializes in meditation and has a few videos online of 75 minutes of meditation! These days, who doesn’t need that.


Another brand well known in the workout gear industry is Lululemon, and they are keeping up with trends by offering a weekly schedule of online classes with tips and tricks you can take advantage of. Their schedule is as follows:

Monday- Do Anywhere workouts

Tuesday- IG Live Yoga

Wednesday- All Things Run

Thursday- IG Live Meditations

Friday- 5 New Feeds to Follow

Saturday- At Home Training

Sunday- Self Care Tips & Tricks

Lululemon is not only providing at-home workouts, self-care tips, meditation, and a few other perks to help keep you motivated and focused on fitness in 2020 despite the challenges.

Hot Pilates

If you’re interested in working with a celebrity trainer from the comfort of your home, Hot Pilates is the way to go. Not actually hot pilates, but a trainer who started it, Shannon Nadj is offering full workout routines on her Youtube channel here, and daily workouts on the Hot Pilates instagram account. Shannon has worked with stars like Hailey Beiber and Selena Gomez, and is known for her dedication and knowledge about fitness and what trends will help you tone up.

Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness is offering live at home workouts streamed daily on their Facebook as part of their initiative to keep people interested and engaged with their fitness journey. They are bringing in celebrity trainers, biggest loser winners, and so many other guests with different specialties to reach everyone in their audience. For those who miss the live stream, it is archived on Facebook as well as added to their instagram library. “Known as being the “judgement free zone” Planet Fitness is a great option for people looking for diverse yet easy workouts with fun perks and knowledgeable teachers.


An underutilized classic, YMCA is of course keeping up with the trends by also adding about 20 videos to their Youtube channel. The YMCA videos range from bootcamp, booty fusion, yoga, and even a playlist for older adult workouts. These are basic videos for people looking for a no brainer workout they can complete in their living room. No fanfare needed.

The list of trainers, companies, and brands hosting online workout videos is growing daily as the need continues to rise and people continue to stay away from the gym. Whatever you are looking for you can find somewhere on the internet. Whether you are looking for something intense, and you have access to weights and other tools, or whether you just have yourself and your water bottle, you can easily get into a routine with one of the options in this list.

While the social aspect of dance fitness and larger classes has been canceled (for now), hopefully, the plan you go with can make up for that by fostering a community online that helps each other get stuff done.

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