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Why Chicago’s North Side is the Perfect Place for Young Professionals to Live and Work

Posted August 1, 2023

With a city as big as Chicago, it can be hard to choose where to live and work. With so many of us working from home these days, where you live is imperative to your happiness, and Chicago is a city full of wonderfully diverse and welcoming neighborhoods. Whether your priorities lie within proximity to water, cool bars and shops, or an amazing social scene, Chicago’s North side boasts everything you want, making it the perfect place for young people to live and work. Check out our short list below on why. 

Ideal for Remote Work 

The North side is growing in popularity due to its highly developed neighborhoods with sustainability for at-home workers or those without office spaces. The layout of North side apartments often features large windows and ample room for a desk in the sunlight. If you get sick of working inside, there are a plethora of coffee shops you can take advantage of or North side coworking spaces if you want to make some friends while you do it. Due to the infrastructure of the city, there is high-speed internet readily available, making the vibrant neighborhood a hub for creativity, productivity, and digital nomads who find themselves searching for a community. 

Intellectual Atmosphere

If you’re a college student, and ‘working’ for you means studying hard for tests and writing essays, the best place in Chicago is the North side. Surrounded by several elite institutions, the North side is perfect for students from Loyola, De Paul, and Northwestern. These colleges bring in students and people from all backgrounds and foster a local community around them that attracts research and innovation. 

The Best Neighborhoods 

The North side of Chicago has some extremely beautiful and well-developed neighborhoods that are a joy for many to live in. Each one is a little bit different; depending on what you want, there is the perfect neighborhood to match those needs. The North side is safe, accessible, and charming as can be. And to top it all off, there are apartments and houses on the North side for every person and budget. Check out a quick breakdown of some of our favorite North side neighborhoods:


Uptown, located near Andersonville on the farther end of the north side, is brimming with character and diversity. It’s known for its rich culture and history; Uptown is a melting pot of different cultures and especially different cuisines. If you’re a foodie, you’ll love it here. You can stroll down the street and eat fried chicken, Ethiopian food and go to a French nightclub all in one block. And if you’re looking to see a live show, Uptown is also home to the Aragon Ballroom and the Riviera Theatre, hosting a range of concerts and performances. With all its trendy spots, you’re sure to find yourself in Uptown sooner rather than later.


Looking for the next new hot spot to set up camp and call home? Edgewater is one of Chicago’s farthest North side neighborhoods and is up and coming with great businesses, restaurants, and, most importantly, walkability to the beach. This neighborhood is in full swing, rich with culture, cool people, and great vibes.

Eastlake Terrace: 

Located on the far northeast side of the city, touching the water and bordering Evanston, Eastlake Terrace is near Rogers Park and is the ideal location for those who want proximity to the beach and DuSable Lake Shore Drive. Known for its amazing views, and some of the best schools in the city, this neighborhood is perfect for families and young professionals alike. 

Amazing Social Scene

With Wrigleyville, Clark Street, and many theatres and venues, the North side is a hub for excellent nightlife. Whether you want to go out and drink, play trivia or pool or see a show, there is nothing you cant do. With the summer in full bloom, there are rooftop bars with the best city views and cocktails that will keep you entertained all night. The North side is an incredibly engaging place for young professionals looking to fill their 5-9 after their 9-5. 


Young professionals and people of all sorts are moving to the North side because of the accessibility to tons of entertainment, public transportation, and especially Lake Michigan. With its picturesque features and incredible public beaches, being close to Lake Michigan is an incredible perk to living on the North side. Take the L to any lakeside stop and enjoy some time outdoors in nature. With biking paths, parks, and beaches, you will always enjoy living in the best city in the nation! 

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