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Best Affordable Restaurants Near Loyola Campus

Posted May 1, 2024

Sushi rollGoing to school in a big city has pros and cons, like living anywhere else, but turn to any social media and you’ll see that the food is one of the biggest benefits of living in Chicago. With diverse, delicious options around every corner, you cannot miss the epic restaurants the city has to offer. But where can you go without breaking the bank? 

Students and locals alike want access to delicious and affordable meals. If you live on the Loyola campus or close by, you know there are a ton of restaurants within 10 minutes where you can pick up a meal and have a good time on budget. Check out our short list of cheap eats, making sure your next meal lives up to the standards of the Chicago food scene.

Pick Me Up Cafe

A staple for vegans and vegetarians, Pick Me Up Cafe has been around since 1997 and prides itself on being one of the city’s first and most vegan-friendly places. But don’t be fooled, they sell all kinds of foods ranging from eggs benedicts to stir-fry, all on the same menu! With options for everyone, this hipster joint has become the go-to stop for eaters of all kinds. About 10 min south of the Loyola campus, Pick Me Up is located on Clark St and is easily accessible by train and bus as well as car. If you fancy a cool cocktail or coffee, Pick Me Up is the place.

Fat Chris’s Pizza and Such

A truly underrated gem, this small pizza joint specializing in Detroit-style pizza deserves more attention. Located on Foster, south of the Loyola campus, this pizza place takes it to the next level by bringing a touch of Detroit to the Northside. The The extra thick crust and the red sauce thrown on top of all the toppings and baked in automotive style steel pans make it a stand-out star that’s too good to not know about. They’re big enough to feed a crowd or even to keep as leftovers, and best of all, they deliver! 

R Public House 

A staple bar in the area, R Public House is not only a great spot for drinks but their food makes people from all over Chicago stop in for a bite and a beer. Don’t skip out on their Bacon Wrapped Dates, Chicken Lady Pizza, or The Burger of the Week to keep eating out from getting dull. Known for its incredible bar food that balls on a budget, R Public House calls itself “a community-driven pub that welcomes everyone. We will serve as an anchor business in the neighborhood, providing an atmosphere for entertainment and light dining, philanthropy, and goodwill for the diverse population of Rogers Park.” Known for their ongoing festivals, celebrations, and genuine love for their neighborhood, R Public House keeps Jarvis Square HOPPING!

HoneyBear Cafe

Are you looking for that classic Chicago diner experience near the Loyola campus? Look no further than HoneyBear Cafe. Known for its epic breakfast portions and diner vibes, this is the perfect spot for a hungover Saturday morning meal or a well-rested Sunday morning coffee. Locally owned and operated, they serve elevated breakfast food in an adorable environment that will only run you $10-20 per visit. If you need to fuel up for a study session or take a break after a long weekend running around the city, Honeybear will be your new favorite place. Check out their menu and hours here

El Pulpo Loco Restaurant

Craving Mexican seafood specialties, caldos, or tortas? Look no further than El Pulpo Loco to quench all your Mexican food cravings. A staple near the Loyola campus, this place caters specifically to college kids, featuring a budget-friendly menu with a ton of different options. Make sure to try their Pulpo al Ajillo, Caldo de Camaron and Al Pastor tacos. Made with fresh, high-quality ingredients, El Pulpo Loco is quickly becoming a campus favorite. 

Asian Station

Noted as one of the best spots in the city for cheap eats, Asian Station offers a variety of foods from different cultures across Asia for an incredible price. With a focus on Thai food, they also offer sushi, curries, and incredible Bahn Mi sandwiches if you need a quick meal that is fresh and delicious. This is a hot spot for Loyola students as it hits all their marks – fresh, delicious, and inexpensive with huge variety. 

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