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7 Fun Activities, Things-To-Do in Edgewater Chicago

Posted September 28, 2023

Welcome To Edgewater Sign Under Lake Shore DriveLooking for the next new hot spot to explore? Edgewater is one of Chicago’s farthest north-side neighborhoods and is up and coming with great businesses, restaurants, and things to do. A hub for young adults, you will never run out of things to do. This neighborhood is in full swing, rich with culture, cool people, and great vibes. Check out our shortlist of the most popular and fun things to do in Edgewater.

The Raven Theatre & The Edge Theater

Two of the best spots in Chicago to catch live theater, both The Raven and The Edge Theater, are big attractions in Edgewater. With professional shows at an affordable price, the shows they put on range from classics to modern with everything in between. The Raven’s website says they are in their “39th year of providing revivals of modern dramas and thought-provoking new works to the Northside Chicago community, as well as theatrical education to the children and schools in the surrounding neighborhoods”. 

The Edge Theater boasts something similar – “Audiences visiting The Edge Theater have enjoyed musical theatre, straight plays, dance performances, storytelling, concerts, world premieres, and works in progress. We are honored to have so many artists use The Edge Theater to tell their stories, teach their craft, and grow their community”. 

Edgewater Shopping 

One of the most desirable parts for people living in the city is walking to restaurants and shops. Edgewater is the perfect location for this; with all its neighbors supporting small businesses, you have everything you might want or need within a short distance. A few of our Edgewater favorites are Green Element Resale, Broadway Antique Market, and the Gethsemane Garden Center. 

Not only home to thrift stores, Edgewater is also known for its vintage shopping district with some incredible places to find antiques, furniture, and other gems. The Edgewater Chamber of Commerce’s website states that with an “ emphasis on mid-century modern, the neighborhood is a destination for designers, set decorators, and in-the-know treasure hunters. Discover everything from Brutalist furniture to lovingly-restored hi-fi cabinets, show-stopping sculptural lighting to everyone’s favorite iconic chairs, and more — all within a two-mile radius. Make a day of exploring the stores in the guide and discover your next treasure.”

Outdoor Activities 

One of the biggest perks of Edgewater is its proximity to Lake Michigan and incredible beaches without the bustle and crowds of downtown. geteasymove.com says, “One of the five Great Lakes of North America, Lake Michigan is a major tourist attraction in Chicago, […] you get the opportunity to […] enjoy the beauty and charm that this popular destination adds to the area.” Located right off the water, the location is amazing for people who want to get outside every day they can, even if that means taking a walk in the colder fall and winter months. Especially with Hollywood and Foster Beach within walking distance, you will feel more blessed than ever to visit some of the best beaches and pathways in the city. 

Broadway Armory Park is an attraction that brings outdoorsy people to Edgewater for activity even when the ground is covered in snow. Timeout.com says “Edgewater is lucky to be home to the Chicago Park District’s largest indoor recreational facility. The massive 87-year-old facility was home to the National Guard for military purposes until 1998. Now, it houses five gymnasia, home to citywide sports leagues, a trapeze school, a gymnastics center, and more.” *Check with the Chicago Park District website for current availability as the rec center is currently being used to house migrant families.* 

Edgewater Bars and Restaurants 

Edgewater is a hot spot for bars and restaurants alike, boasting some of the best in the city. Check out some of our favorites below, where you can spend a nice night enjoying all types of cuisines and vibes. 

Pizzeria Aroma

One of Becovic’s most popular Neighborhood Partners and a favorite of Becovic staff, the menu and vibe at this old school pizza place opened in 1999 are incredible. Aroma’s take out game is also on point. In addition to the expected pizzas, their menu also features phenomenal pastas, delectable desserts, and Flava Fries – even the burgers are great. With a 4.5 star rating on Google, this pizza shop sings. Becovic residents enjoy a generous discount but even at full price you’ll be just as happy!


A favorite of the Edgewater and Andersonville area, Hopleaf is an amazing bar with an “ever-changing menu of better beers, fine wines, spirits and cocktails, cider, and meads—on 62 taps and in bottles— that pair well with our seasonal food menu.” The site also points out that without “screened distractions, games, or live entertainment, Hopleaf is for drinking, eating, and talking with friends, new and old.”  

Edge of Sweetness

Edge of Sweetness is a local Edgewater bakery born in 2017 from a desire to make peoples’ days a little brighter and life a little nicer. They handmake each product, in house, with care to be true to their recipes and deliver only the best with a personal touch. Their cinnamon rolls are said to be the best in the area, a fact we cannot deny. Order cinnamon rolls online to pick up or ship to your loved ones far away to send some happiness on the Edge of Chicago sweetness.

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